Media Monitoring, Content Analysis/Evaluation and Marketing Intelligence Support

Reading, analysing and rating content in a number of languages and different countries gives Ipsum the edge in terms of human capital that is . Judging the tone of the content and adhering to client requirement. Having a set of multi language skills gives Ipsum the edge that is required to effectively and efficiently collect mentions from print, online and broadcast content.

The insights collected from all forms of media, i.e. print, online and broadcast, can be stored and delivered direct in our system or in any system as per requirement.

We are flexible in our approach, we can use a client methodology and as an alternative we have our own methodology for measuring and delivering the findings of analysed media.

Our services can best support companies that have small or large projects and need a seamless and quick evaluation of content and collection of mentions from content available in either one language or a set of languages. We are equally effective with any form of media.

Key Features